Joe Biden and the selfie

Joe Biden and the selfie

Joe Biden and the selfie

There is nothing wrong with praising one's country; it is perfectly natural. However, in a colony or a post-colonial society, people are motivated by emotion to idolize their nation. The people are afraid of once more being controlled and restrained because they believe that fresh restraints are constantly waiting in the shadows. The excessive narrative that everything in our country is excellent and everything abroad is harmful and should be avoided is the reason for this.

Iswarchandra Gupta (1912–1859) wrote a poem titled "Swadesh," or "My Country," that roughly translates as:

with a heart full of brotherly love

Look, citizens of this country,

Observe with loving eyes.

How much do we adore you?

Even a citizen of the nation,

rather than a foreign deity.

In other words, even one's own dog is more valuable than a deity or world leader. There is guilt in this situation since we don't appreciate the deserving citizens of our own country.

In today's global village, such hyper nationalism is no longer acceptable. In the modern era, we have the entire globe in our hands. No nation can survive by itself. In order to survive and to grow, there must be engagement and cooperation between nations. We hastily apply to join numerous international and global forums because of this. Due to this, we leave immediately for Johannesburg today and New Delhi tomorrow.

Sukarno, known as the "Father of the Nation" of Indonesia, stated his intention to serve as president for life in the early 1960s. He was a key figure in the development of the non-aligned movement in 1954, which became independent of the superpowers. This bloc was established in Indonesia's Bandung. Tension resulted from his policies' communist tendencies.

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